Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat! Legally Blonde Style Anyone? Yeah, it's like that.

You know on Legally Blonde when she shows up at the "costume party" in her little bunny outfit, only to find she's the only one dressed up? 
Yeah, it's like that.
In my last post, I showed my enthusiasm for dressing up and getting in the spirit of Halloween. Well this is more about when things don't go the way we want them to. Last night my husband and I dressed up to attend this Costume Party we'd heard about. It sounded amazing. We were promised a Car and Bike Show, live music, dinner, drinks, prizes for best costume etc... To see the awesome advertisement
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 When we arrive however, the Road Knights of Augusta that hosted the event, didn't bother to participate in their own Costume Contest and the night went something like this...
We showed up like this...
...and we were greeted by a scene like this.
 We paid our $30 a piece entrance fee, which included dinner...
Just a smidgen over cooked....
What would you have done?
1.) Hang around anyway, what the heck a party is party, even if it does look as though your husband may get his butt kicked by some huge biker tonight because he's wearing make-up?
2.) Run away without buying the tickets the second you noticed you're the only ones dressed up in a huge crowd of bikers?
3.) Buy the ticket, after all it is for charity, walk in with your head held high and your best impression fearlessness, eat the dinner, mingle a little and check out the Car and Bike Show? 
PS: After last night I could use a good laugh!

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