Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 10 Hair Crushes: Leading Men and their Magic Hair

The hair that makes women everywhere swoon.

As a writer, I look for inspiration for my character's crush by following Hollywood's hottest men. I found something all of the male hotties share - MAGIC HAIR.

The following is my Top 10 list of how their hair won my heart: See if you agree. 

10. Shia Labeouf has the best hair transformation that took this boy to A-listed stardom.

9. Patrick Dempsey has hair that hasn’t changed much over the years, this hunk knows what works.

8. Taylor Lautner grew into a hottie with the snip of a scissors, seemingly overnight.

7. Tom Cruise adds a head of thick locks to his famous smile and haunting eyes.

6. Leonardo Dicaprioa, his baby face and magic hair makes my heart sing.

5. Orlando Bloom switches from long and blonde to dark and messy, he can do it all.

4. Ashton Kutcher can pull off just about any look, he even makes scraggly hot.

3. Robert Pattinson is a hairnomenon. Enough said.

2. Brad Pitt has worn many a style making him second at bringing the magic.

1. Johnny Depp is the leader at versatility and hair, or no hair, he’s magically beautiful always.

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