Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Names Have Been Chosen

Firstly, let me say thank you for all of the fantastic names!  There were so many great choices, I've actually decided to use some of the names that didn't fit these characters in other roles (TBA in another post as their persona' develop).
If your name doesn't appear in this post, have no fear there is more to come. 
You can still enter to win Shadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw!
The winner of Shadowcry will be chosen at random (all comments from previous the post are included). 

To enter: 
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  • Post the contest on Twitter, Facebook or your blog and leave a link.
  • Leave your email address (watch out for spammers - post as name at domain dot com/net).
  • Contest runs until Halloween night at midnight!  
So here we go.
1. Rafe 

Submitted by Jamie Manning 

Congratulations, Jamie, Rafe fits this guy awesomely!
A leader, strong and athletic

Submitted by Jamie Manning 
 I would have never paired Violet with this girl just by her looks, but it jives beautifully with her personality.
Everyone's friend, likes bugs and ice cream 
 This was the trickiest for me.
 3.Nivia Sky Andra AKA "Pockets"

Submitted by Patsy

Patsy, I needed something really over the top for this girl and by combining three of your amazing suggestions, I came up with a name that  this "no-frills" girl would despise. It's perfect, congratulations.

A rebel, no rule should be left unbroken
 Submitted by Jamie Manning 

I truly believe this kid's name is or should be Porter, it's just believable.
A hero in the making, surprises himself with his new found courage
 5. Dessa

Submitted by Jamie Manning 

I fell in love with Dessa the instant I saw it next to her image. Again, Congratulations, Jamie you are here by dubbed the "Name Whisperer!"
     A reluctant follower, the whistle-blower but redeems herself in the end              

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you liked some of my choices! This was really fun, thanks for letting us help out! :)