Saturday, March 26, 2011

So, I KILLED the narrator!

Calling all writers!!!! 

I want to know your biggest hurtles and how you overcame them.

I just made my second biggest decision, I scrapped my finished 400+ page, 80,000 word manuscript and started over.

Ugh! I know.

But I heard the same thing enough times, to not want to EVER hear it again!!!!!

"You're a talented writer, but..."

"I like the concept-didn't fall in love with the pages."

"I didn't get the narrative tone."

So I KILLED the narrator!

I am rewriting it in the first person.

Here's a sample if you're interested...

And please, oh please, tell me I am not alone!!!!


  1. That's so hard. :( I am sorry you have to go through such torment! *passes margarita*


  2. Ah-I love margaritas!!!!!

    Thanks Cyndi!

  3. No, you're not alone. I did something different, though. I put the book aside for three years, came back to it from a different perspective and reworked it. And I had mojitos instead of margaritas.

  4. I feel your pain - the worst feeling is giving up on a book and starting another leaving to poor novel alone, cold, and abandoned. It looks like you're still revising - frustrating but at least you're still fighting for your book :)

  5. Thanks for the support guys! It feels much better, just knowing that others have been there.

    KJ it is like mourning a death, even though I'm still fighting for the story. All those words are now dead and buried. But, you're right. It's the story that matters in the end. Thanks for reminding me, it really helped me put it in perspective.

    Keep the stories coming!!!!!

  6. Holy crap, chica!! Well not completely the same but on my first book I didn't know any rules and it was 219K words. Yeaaahhhh.. And with a wussy mc. So I basically had to start at the beginning and redo the whole thing, give the thing some meat, and cut 120K words.

    Good luck!!!!!

  7. Wow!!! I think I probably deleted that many words. :-) This time it seems way easier.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. I just popped over here from Sharla's blog. I'm reworking my mc, too. Ugh. I'm so scared I'll end up rewriting the whole thing that I'm totally procrastinating. Good luck!

  9. You too Genevieve! I was sick when I first started, but I can tell you after finishing chapter 5 today, I can see a huge difference already. It's not as scary as I thought.

    Keep me posted. I'd love to know how its coming.

    Thanks for stopping by.