Monday, February 21, 2011

Motivated Insomnia - Why Sleep When You Could be Writing?

Good morning world, it’s nice to be alive. . .

 . . . and awake before three in the morning. There is no other job (I use the term loosely) in the world I would sacrifice my much needed beauty rest for. 

Time to write - but first, an update on my progress and my mistakes. . . 

I finished my merger revise and I’m loving it! Yay!

I adore my critique group! I couldn’t ask for a better gaggle of peers to give me honest feedback. YES! It was fabulous to hear my writing read out loud (by someone other than me), to hear the names pronounced correctly and the dialog inflection came through like I heard it in my head. YES! They complimented my dialect, writer’s voice and gave me praise for my premise. YES! – Even though I delivered the pitch like a dizzy kangaroo hopping from point A to Q in a single bound. NO! Must rectify that ASAP! All in all it’s always nice when they’re anxious to hear more. YES!

The eight letter word that’s twice as offensive as any swear word . . . SYNOPSIS!!!!!!!

I have half a dozen versions of the same lame tedium. The problem is there’s TOO MUCH going on to decide what’s REALLY important. I applaud those who have been successful in wrapping up their creative juices in a couple of pages.

Here’s a question for all writers. Is it better to write too much and pare down or start with bare bones and embellish later?

What works or hasn’t worked for you?

I leave in three days for DFWcon! So excited! Even if I blow my pitch session – it’s okay. I’ll learn all I can from my mistakes and move on. I love the aspect of the unknown adventure – what will happen? 

I’ll let you all know in a week!


  1. You'll find your own groove. I tend to get the skeleton of the mss down and then add life as I edit. My word count always increases with editing. Good luck with it all.